The Redland Foundation Team


Helping Children, Teens, and Those in Need.

About Us

The Redland Foundation originates from Redland, a consulting firm specializing in multiple services of land development. Founded in 2008, Redland and its associates have always valued the community in which it serves. After years of semi-annual community days, volunteering, and donating to other charities Redland decided it was time to serve a bigger purpose. Thus, the Redland Foundation was born.

We are dedicated to making a difference for the children and teens in our community. The Redland Foundation identifies existing and established charitable organizations that would benefit from monetary funds or physical labor in order to continue their aid. We hold ourselves to a high standard when seeking out Partner Charitable Organizations (PCOs), vetting charities that meet our mission statement, our collaborative and active in service, and are in good financial standing. As we grow, the Redland Foundation will look to build its own charitable outreach and events.

Ongoing Activities